To bring sim-racers together by creating a lifestyle brand  for gaming hobbyists, enthusiasts and professionals under one banner.

What you can expect

We here at LOGISTICAL NIGHTMARE want to bring together all like minded Motorsport enthusiast's and put South African sim-racing on the map! We want the world to see that South Africa has the talent to compete at worlds and other international events. Currently we are not recognized but that is about to change! We have the numbers and we have the pace, we just need to now work together to achieve greatness.

Team VS Team

Team VS Team racing was just an idea at first, you know just a hand full of drivers. Two people per team, maybe fill up a lobby once a week or so. We were so wrong. We ended up with over 50 drivers at one stage and more than 25 teams!

We try keep everything as fair as we possibly can and just as entertaining, from teams having the same liveries too friendly banter during the week and even as far as teams having private practice session to speak about strategies!

Our first season was a great success and we decided to reward the guys with trophies at the end of the season.