Team vs Team

Our Team Vs Team concept consists out of a similar structure to the Blancpain series in real life racing. Teams of two compete each other to prove who is the better team. Everything surrounding this series is about team work.

Points are calculated on the finishing position of both team members and combined. We started this off thinking it will only be around 10 teams and here we are with 24 teams and all manufactures chosen.

Teams manufacture is randomly chosen via our “Hat”. It is an app that will randomly draw a name from the “Hat”. This is how we allocate cars, tracks, everything to be honest is decided by the “Hat” to avoid human favoritism.

Teams need to give themselves a name and also need to make their cars look similar with the livery editor. So when we see the cars on the track we should able to see right away who is team mates. This concept has brought strangers together to become really good friends and have some good laughs in the process. Teams are highly motivated as there are trophies up for grabs at the end of each season.


There is also some secret trophies such as “Season Noob”, the guy who makes the most mistakes consistently. We do this at the end of the day to have fun and enjoy ourselves. It is good to see how competive everyone is in their teams. If you want part of the action please come