FIA 2019

Gran Turismo Championship

GTC FIA 2019 is the official online league ran by Polyphony, the creators of GTSport themselves. FIA races are on Wednesday and Saturday nights and you can find the racing calendar in-game and online. You get awarded points for where you finish in your race. The higher you DR (Driver Rating) the more points you will be able to score as you are competing against a higher caliber of competition.


We are trying to promote South Africa. We want South Africa to get recognized and we need numbers to do so, not just numbers but numbers in the high caliber races. We have a competition running for the GTC FIA 2019 starting on 30th January 2019. We have prizes to be won and the way to win the prizes are easy. Enter, compete, and stand a chance to win. Prizes are one of the following :

G29 Wheel

Playseat Rig

42” TV

5,000.00 ZAR


Winner will be announced at the end of the year when the GTC FIA 2019 is completed. To win you need to earn points from racing in the event. The more points you have the bigger chance you have to win for example:


If you manage to earn on average 5000 points in a season and there is 4 seasons that means you will have roughly 20 000 points at the end of the year. You will then have 20 000 “tickets” thrown into our digital hat. So if driver 1 has 22k points and driver 2 has 18k points. Driver 1 will have a higher chance but driver 2 is still in the running as he/she is only 4k points in difference.  In short it is anyone’s race but the more points you have the better your chances!

To enter add LNR_Points on PSN friends!